Cuckoo for cocoa stuff

Walnuts are the specialty of fifth-generation family farm, Old Dog Ranch — located in the foothills along the Calaveras River in the San Joaquin Valley. Roger Sitkin farms the walnuts, while his daughter, Mollie Sitkin, is responsible for creating and developing recipes for the family’s nut-based products, including these Mexican-hot-chocolate-flavored walnuts. Satisfyingly crunchy and not too sweet, sustainably-grown Chandler walnuts are combined with extra-rich cocoa, organic cinnamon and a touch of organic cayenne, which the Sitkins grow and dehydrate themselves., October 24, 2014

The Butter Nut: More ways to love local walnuts

Old Dog Ranch, a walnut farm in the San Joaquin Valley, recently introduced a line of creative walnut products for its farmers' market stands and Good Eggs, including nut milks and pestos. For the superb walnut butter ($9 for 8 ounces at farmers' markets), fifth-generation farmer Mollie Sitkin toasts transitionally organic Chandler walnuts just enough to retain their sweet, buttery character. You can buy the butter presweetened, but when we smeared some of the plain stuff on a piece of toasted levain and topped it with sea salt and wildflower honey, we practically started speaking in tongues.

Tasting Table, April 26, 2013