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We ❤️ Animals

July 12, 2017

You might have figured this out already, but we’re big-time dog lovers at Old Dog Ranch! The ranch got its name from our long-lived golden retriever mix, Poppy, and German shepherd, Mollie Dog. Three guesses who Mollie-the-person was named for?

Between us, the Old Dog Ranch kitchen crew has half a dozen dogs, including a three-legged Chihuahua rescued from the side of the road. Mollie’s two-year-old epileptic pit, Chicharón, was born in a big-city pound but he’s 100% spoiled farm dog today.



(from left to right: Roger, Abigail, Fiona, Chicharòn, Dee Dog and Mollie)

We’re fans of pups of all ages, but we like to give a little extra love to the older dogs out there. Every year, Old Dog Ranch donates to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in honor of Mollie’s 16-year-old sweet pit mix, Sydney. 

Muttville has found homes for nearly 4,600 senior dogs since 2007. Most were rescued from the street; a few were brought to the nonprofit’s San Francisco headquarters after their owners passed away.

“I tell adopters they are giving these dogs a new beginning, no matter how long that lasts,” says Kristin Hoff, adoptions manager. “They’re helping these older dogs thrive in their last years.” 

Kristin and Mollie met a decade ago and bonded over their own beloved senior dogs. Kristin explains that because older dogs are less active and are already housetrained, they make great companions for people who work long hours: Unlike, say, a Lab puppy, a senior dog can snooze all day and be ready for a quick walk and a cuddle when you get home. 

For dogs with severe, untreatable health problems, she adds, Muttville’s hospice program covers the costs of palliative care. “It’s a wonderful way for these dogs to have a home and get tons of love for their last weeks or months, and then have a respectful goodbye.” 

At Old Dog Ranch, we know not every dog gets to live out its days chasing rabbits on a farm. We’re happy to support Muttville’s work and help them find loving homes for older dogs. Check out Muttville here to learn more and swoon over the adoptable mutts. 

Mollie grew up roaming the ranch with her canine BFFs, but dogs aren’t the only animals that thrive at Old Dog Ranch. Only 10% of the ranch is farmed; the rest is set aside as a refuge for bobcats, mountain lions, deer,and other wildlife. The Audubon Society does  yearly counts of the hawks, owls, egrets, and other birds that nest and hunt near our eight-acre pond. 

Using sustainable and organic farming practices at Old Dog Ranch helps keep these wildlife habitats healthy. And because we don’t use conventional pesticides in our organic and transitional orchards, the surrounding acres are humming with birds and beneficial insects that, in turn, help keep the “bad bugs” off our trees. 

And that means organic, crazy-delicious walnuts and walnut butters for you. 

It all comes down to what we care about at Old Dog Ranch: the animals we share our land and our homes with, and the people who grow, make, and eat our products.   

Is there an old dog in your life? Who’s your canine best bud? Tell us why you love old and not-so-old dogs in the comments below!

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